Free Loft Insulation Grant

A quarter of heat loss in the home is through the roof, heat rises, therefore if you have an uninsulated roof the heat will rise and escape through the roof. Vital heat loss through the roof means you will have your boiler/radiators on a higher setting and for longer in order to compensate the loss of heat! This will ultimately be very costly to you as your fuel bills rise as a result. Heat escaping through an uninsulated roof also releases greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere which adds to the issues of climate change. Free loft insulation grants are a fantastic way to keep the heat where it belongs in your home! Saving you money on your fuel bill and doing your bit for the environment all at NO COST to you! Insulating your home with a free loft insulation grant or topping up your existing loft insulation will make your home more energy efficient! You will be amazed at the difference it makes! You may have noticed during the snow there is often a blanket of snow on the roof tops, you can spot an uninsulated house straight away! Its the house with no snow on the roof because the heat escaping from the roof has melted the snow. Dont throw money out of the roof save money by applying for a free loft insulation grant today!

Loft insulation is effective for up to 40 years, a free loft insulation grant will ensure that a professional credited loft insulator will insulate your home to the correct standards. Loft insulation is similar just like a blanket lay between and accross the joists of a loft, the blanket of loft insulation will trap any heat which rises. The UK Government standard depth for loft insulation is 270mm deep, if you have not had your lof insulated in the past 15 years it may need topping up which is also available on the free loft insulation grant. Loft insulation is quick, it depends on the size of the loft space but on average it usually takes around an hour, loft insulation is clean, the professional installers work tidy ensuring there is no mess made - And best of all loft insulation is free when you choose a free loft insulation grant!

Warmfront are one of the main providers of the Free Loft Insulation Grant scheme Warm Front are a UK Government incentive scheme. The energy savings trust are also concerned with helping to make your home more energy efficient through free loft insulation grants. This page features various free loft insulation providers and installers allowing you to browse and learn more about free loft insulation. Warmfront generally aims to help more vunerable households gain free loft insulation grants, they also focus on providing free loft insulation grants to the over 70's and those who are on certain benefits. If you are earning below a certain threshold you may also be eligable for a free loft insulation grant. Because loft insulation is fantastic for both your fuel bill and the environment the governemnt want to help as many households as they can to insulate their homes.